National Cyber And Crypto Agency
Presidential Regulation of The Republic of Indonesia Number 53 Year 2017


ABSTRAK : that cybersecurity is one of the government sectors that need to be developed and strengthened as an effort to promote national economic growth and attain national security; that in order to realize such effort, it is necessary to establish an agency by re-arranging the National Crypto Agency to become National Cyber and Crypto Agency to ensure the implementation of government policies and programs in cybersecurity sector;
Legal Basis :

Article 4 paragraph (1) the Constitution of Republic of Indonesia Year 1945.

This rule regulates about :

Status, Duties, and Functions BSSN; Organization and Work Procedure BSSN; Echelon, Assignment, and Dismissal within the BSSN;

CATATAN : –  Valid as of the date of promulgation;
–  Enacted on May 19, 2017;
–  Promulgated on May 23, 2017. State Gazette of Republic of Indonesia Year 2017 Number 100; and
–  Apabila pada peraturan ini terdapat perbedaan makna antara versi Bahasa Inggris dengan Bahasa Indonesia maka yang dijadikan rujukan adalah versi dengan Bahasa Indonesia.